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Attention to detail and quality, extensive experience, and a youthful drive!

MISSION: To turn each event into a unique emotional experience.

VISION: To be the leading event management company in Lithuania.

The quality and the result of an event is as important to us as it is to our clients. We can guarantee our attention to detail, expertise, integrity and ingenuity to our clients by investing our time and efforts into the growth and motivation of our team, strengthening the qualifications of our team members. We progress faster and more effectively by analyzing the results of our previous events and valuing the feedback from our clients.

We are one of the few who are not afraid to share our previous projects and openly recommend the locations and types of entertainment that we believe to be superior. The long list of clients that have chosen us to organize their events is proof of the trust of our clients. We often say that our clients can tell the most about our work ethic and philosophy, so we provide the opportunity for potential clients to get in touch with our current and previous clients. Our clients understand that a corporate event is a means of communication, contributing to the culture of a particular company, the strengthening of the interpersonal relationships within the company and the creation of a positive microclimate in the workplace. Therefore, not only do we seek to create a laid-back atmosphere, but also provide people with the opportunity to discover, learn and try something new.

We focus on our recurring clients that make up more than 60% of all our projects. This allows us to optimize our resources, achieve better results as well as save the time of our clients. By teaming up with our trusted partners nation-wide, we are growing mutual respect and trust and can therefore offer our clients a product or a service of higher quality for a better price.

The core of our team consists of members who have experience in the field of no less than 3 years and are creative professionals; they are driven and talented young people, constantly following up on the newest trends and ideas. The team at Eventum Group is united by maximalism and the ambition and passion to create our best event yet each time.

We share our experience with students by teaching lectures and we share our knowledge with enthusiastic interns who mostly help with our organizational tasks.

Find the right kind of activities together with Eventum Group and Entertainment Guru!